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Thank you for your interest in Clear Vision Coaching. The questions below are those most commonly asked by our clients and referrals.

For more information please call (916) 735-8662 or send an email.  Sandra will be pleased to answer your questions.

Q: Why should I hire a coach?

A: Don’t hire a coach because you think you should, hire a coach because you want to make powerful changes in your life. People usually hire coaches because they are in overwhelm, in pain, are stuck, feel there is something missing, or want to create a new level of success in their lives.

Q: How do I choose a qualified coach?

A: I suggest you always interview at least 3 different coaches to see who you are most comfortable with. During the interview ask questions that will help you clarify the coach’s education, training, business experience, life experiences.   Ask them why you should hire them over all the other coaches in the industry.

Q: What’s the difference between a coach who is “certified” and one who is not?

A: Many coaches have education and business background that serves as their foundation to be a coach. However, only those coaches who have had coach specific training through a certified coaching school are “Certified” coaches. The International Coach Federation also certifies coaches based on their training, coach hours, and exam results. 

Q: What makes you different from other coaches?

A: I use an Inside-Out coach approach which helps my clients create their vision, connect with core motivators, identify internal blocks, break through resistance, change thoughts/beliefs, shift their energy, set SMART goals, design weekly action steps, and commit to action.

Sandra Swenson-Scott,
President Clear Vision Coaching
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
International Coach Federation

Sandra Swenson-Scott, Professional Certified Coach, ICF

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