Six steps to Success – Step 5: Set Goals and Plan For Success

What if you could plan ahead for the future, set goals, and still live in the Present? Well, you can. It is just a matter of understanding two things: 1) Being goals vs doing goals, and 2) short term vs long term goals. You can have both “Being” goals and “Doing” goals. They are not mutually exclusive.

images.todayA “doing” goal is the vehicle for achieving your “being” goal. Put another way, how we want to feel or BE is the “being” goal. The actions we are taking to achieve that feeling are the “doing” goals. If your “being” goal is to be happy, don’t link that to a goal you won’t achieve for a year. You can choose to do one thing to be happy today, and still work towards the longer term goal.

Short term vs long term goals: Every long term goal can be broken down into smaller bites. So if you want to lose 20 pounds in 3 months, the short term goal might be to lose 2 pounds a week. Here’s a simple system to tie your long term and short term goals together: start with your BIG picture (eg one year), now break it down into what you will achieve in 6 months, what you will need to achieve in 3 months, in one month, in one week, today? The common TO DO list (daily action items) should support your longer range goals so that you can get up each morning and identify what the most important tasks are for you to do that day to support your longer term goals.

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