Six steps to Success – Step 4: Identify your obstacles

All of us have obstacles that keep us from moving forward and achieving our goals. The most common obstacles are: 1) Critical Chorus, 2) Limiting beliefs, 3) Gremlins. Since one of our basic human needs is growth, it is crucial that we identify the obstacles and work through them so we can continually grow into our true potential.

image.hurdlesCritical Chorus: these are the people around you who often love you, but whose voices are always negative or limiting. They are more interested in their own agendas than helping you. One easy solution to the critical chorus is to create a new chorus of positive, supportive friends, mentors, and coaches who are interested in helping you

Limiting beliefs: we all have a belief system that has been formed over our lifetime. Beliefs only become limiting when they keep you from moving forward. These beliefs are generally passed on to us through community and family. The best way to work through a limiting belief is to ask “what evidence is there this belief is true?”, “whose belief is this?” (“is it mine?”) “what am I willing to do to change this belief?” , “what would be the benefits of changing this belief?”

Gremlins: these are the little voices inside of your head that tell you that you are “not enough” . (not old enough, not smart enough, not strong enough……..the list can go on and on.) The Gremlin voice is fear based. These voices show up when you are thinking of doing something new. To work through the Gremlin voice ask “why is the Gremlin showing up now?” “what is it I need to hear?” “how true is the voice?” Then ask yourself what your next step is. If you find no truth in the Gremlin voice then don’t listen! Instead, give the Gremlin a job as your cheerleader and move on!

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