Six steps to Success – Step 2: BE who you are/live in Integrity

Integrity is defined as “conduct that conforms to an accepted standard of right and wrong” or “adherence to moral and ethical principles.” Integrity=values + purpose. Therefore, in order to live in integrity, we each must know what our individual values and purpose are.

image.lifeofpurposeValues are our yardsticks. We use them as guidelines to tell us whether our actions are measuring up to what is most important to us. A few examples of values are loyalty, honesty, fearlessness, compassion, independence, stability, dedication, persistence, helpfulness, creativity etc. If we feel out of balance, it is because we are not honoring our values. When we feel we have made a mistake it is because we realize we have not honored our values. When we get our emotional buttons pushed it is because one, or more, of our values have been disrespected by someone else.

“Purpose” is our definition of what we are here to do in our lifetime. Actions that keep you “on purpose” feel good. If you think of the “themes” that have run through your life, no matter what your age or role has been, you will be able to identify your purpose (the teacher, the cheerleader, the leader, the coach, the peace maker, the creative thinker, the artist, the organizer, the problem solver, the warrior). What do you do that makes you feel “all is right with the world?” An easy way to get in touch with your purpose is to ask yourself this question: “what would I choose to do as a vocation even if I did not get paid?”

If you are living “on purpose” you will feel motivated, joyful, and focused.

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