Six steps to Success – Step 1: Know Yourself – Play to your strengths

image-play to your strengthsWe all have our own strengths, values, and self-identity which create the foundation upon which we build our daily life. In order to feel peace and fulfillment in our actions, those actions must be in alignment with who we truly are.

There are many personality assessments designed to help us do that, and if you have ever taken the DISC, Myers Briggs, or Enneagram you probably discovered some interesting traits and behavioral patterns related to your personality. The value behind taking a personality assessment is that you can identify your “default behaviors” which then allows you to start making more conscious choices about how you show up in the world and interact with the people around you. We all have areas in our personality that are not strengths, but those do not have to turn into obstacles. In fact, we can use our strengths to “bridge the gaps”.

Whether you are looking at your personal or professional life, there is always a resource you can use to either teach you how to turn a weakness into a strength, or a person who would be happy to take on the task themselves, so you can focus on what you do best. The most efficient, effective people in the world are those who have learned that they don’t have to do everything themselves.

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