Inner Obstacles – The Face of Fear

Obstacle #3: GREMLIN. This is the little voice inside (sometimes referred to as the “monkey mind” or “inner critic”) that pops up when you are trying something new and basically says “You are not good enough”. The Gremlin voice might sound something like this: “Why are you trying to start a business, you aren’t smart enough” or “What makes you think you can lose weight, you aren’t committed enough” or “Why would you even think of changing careers, you aren’t young enough.”

And the list goes on…… you are not pretty enough, not strong enough, not educated enough, not old enough, not young enough…..Whew…that voice can make us very tired, and keep us from exploring all the exciting possibilities in life.

So, here is the thing you need to know about the Gremlin–somewhere, way back when, it started talking to you to protect you. But because it is essentially fear based, it holds you back when you don’t need that protection any longer. Instead of protecting you, it starts inhibiting you. By creating a dynamic relationship with the Gremlin, you can learn from it.

My invitation to you is this: when the little voice shows up, have a dialogue with the Gremlin and ask:

  • “Why have you shown up at this particular time?
  • “What message do you want me to consider?”
  • “What are you trying to protect me from?”
  • “Why do you think I will fail?”

Ask yourself what is true, and not true, in the Gremlin’s message. You can let the Gremlin hold you back or you can work through the fear, make adjustments, create a realistic plan and catapult your way forward to meet your goals. The choice is always yours.

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