Improving Your Productivity – #3 – How are you Investing your Time?

image.caring.moneyEnergy: We are energetic beings. Each of us has our own reservoir of energy, and each one of has our peak productive times during the day or week. It is important to know what those are. If you are a “get up in the morning and hit the ground running” person, then schedule your high priority tasks in the morning, when you are at your best. If you are a “get your second wind” in the afternoon person, then use that time slot for your high priorities. Most of us begin to lose focus power after about 2 hours, so make sure you are giving yourself a 15 min break to clear your brain—take 3 deep breaths, drink some water, take a brief walk, stretch.

There are many things that can drain our energy. One of the most important exercises for you to do if you want to be more productive is to be honest with yourself about what can drain your energy and leave you unfocused or unmotivated. Are you checking your emails every time you get “pinged”? are you spending an hour every time you troll through Facebook? are you letting phone calls from friends interrupt you all through the day? Did you know that studies show it takes about 20 minutes to get refocused after being interrupted? If you are constantly interrupted and then having to refocus it will leave you exhausted. Energy drains can also be employees or co-workers, so start learning how to set boundaries and don’t let negative energy people run meetings, hang out in your office, or interrupt other co-workers with negative talk.

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