3 Simple Techniques for Reconnecting with Who You Are

If someone asked “who are you?”, what would your answer be? Perhaps you would say “I’m a teacher”, or “I’m a CEO” or “I’m Dave’s wife”, or “I’m Sophie and Brian’s dad”. But these are simply roles you play, not the core of who you truly are. In order to redesign your life to step into balance, power and success it is vital that you connect with your gifts, talents, core beliefs and values.

Here are 3 simple techniques you can utilize to begin the reconnection process:

  • Answer these questions: Who were you at 6 yrs old? What did you love to do? What did you want to be when you grew up? Is your current career in alignment with your purpose?
  • Name a hero, either fictional or real, and make a list of the qualities you admire about that person. Now ask yourself – “what would it take for me to be my own hero?” “What would I be doing differently in my life?” “What qualities would I be developing in myself?”
  • Think about your values—just to keep it simple write down your top 10 values. Now look at each value and on a scale of 1-5 (1=not satisfied, 5=very satisfied) rate your satisfaction of how you are living those values (examples of values: honesty, abundance, compassion, joy, creativity, loyalty, personal growth, self care, professionalism, service, adventure, communication, accomplishment etc). What changes do you need to make to honor your top values?

By reconnecting with your purpose, strengths, and values you can reconnect with who you truly are, and lay a cornerstone for redesigning your life and stepping into your power.

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